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Aligning our chapter's aims with ASDA's core tenets, ASDASF's members strive to emanate the spirit of ASDA through all that we do. It is easy to generate ardent fervor and rally behind an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of the future of dentistry that is, the dental students.


Eager to represent, ASDASF members undergo a strenuous application process to become a part of the eclectic UCSF delegation, consistently boasting eight to ten candidates that defend and echo the voice of ASDASF at national conferences. Additionally, our chapter focuses on expanding beyond our local presence by assisting four ASDASF members in attaining two national leadership positions along with two district positions. At home, ASDASF is a vanguard in all facets of student life, aspiring to equip students to not only become competent clinicians but altruistic leaders of their community. From organizing dental screenings to volunteering at food banks, ASDASF is determined to extend a helping hand to those in need. Recognizing our outreach efforts in developing an oral hygiene education program at the Berkeley Free Clinic, national ADSA awarded our chapter the "Taking Oral Hygiene Awareness to Rural and Underserved America" grant.