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UCSF ASDA Committees

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Congratulations on your new ASDA board for the 2018-2019 school year. Wishing you all the best this upcoming year!


President: Michael Nguyen


Vice President: Albert Ngo 


Treasurer: Katherine Leung 


Membership: Allison Jan


Communications: Julian Huynh & Au-Vi Tran


Lunch and Learn: Jessica Van

Licensure: Lucy Tian


Legislative: Nevatha Mathialagan


Pre-Dental: Alex Owyoung & Parisa Moravedje Torbaty


Newsletter: Omid Mirfendereski & Kate Lovell


Community Service: Jessica Ho & Mia Nguyen


Fundraising: Sapna Saini & Navi Dhillon


ID4 Representative: Atul Agrawal

ID3 Representative: Aditi Mehndiratta


D1 Representative: Theresa Bui


Secretary: Brad Morgan


Historians:Lincoln Nguyen & Kevin Hahn