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How can you participate?
  1. Wellness Webinars: Every quarter, ASDA offers online webinar lectures on a variety of wellness-related topics.

  2. 60 Seconds to Wellness: Take one minute out of your day to enjoy a short video clip from other dental students on how to make small changes to improve your overall wellness

  3. Wellness Challenges: Every month, ASDA puts out a Wellness Challenge (eg. declutter your home, reconnect with an old friend, breath of fresh air, home-cooking, cultural exploration) with the goal to get dental students to develop better, healthier habits in their everyday life.


Join #BeWellUCSF
  1. Wellness LnLs:

    • Nutrition, SHCS resources, Physical Therapy stretches/postures for dentistry, Stress Management, Sleep Medicine

  2. UCSF Monthly Challenges:

    • Step challenge, Gratitude Challenge, Hydration Challenge, Pull-up/Pushup Challenge, to name a few.

  3. Yoga

    • Every first Sunday of the month

  4. Breakfast Blog

    • Check Cat's Kitchen for fresh, easy, and wholesome morning recipes

  5. Wellness Vlog

    • 30 second clip of Wellness #ProTip from your fellow classmates

  6. Join a Wellness Committee (one committee for each of the five pillars)

    • Contact Cat Tang at if you are interested in joining one of the five wellness committees - pick whichever pillar interests you!