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DIY Acai Bowl

October 10, 2016

 Just because summer is ending, doesn't mean your tropical summery brekkys need to end. 

Make your own smoothie bowl for breakfast - it takes a base of 2 ingredients and takes just a blitz of a food processor or blender or magic bullet or whatever spin off one of those kitchen appliances you might have lying around. 

SO let's get straight to it:


- 2-3 frozen bananas (freeze in halves or sliced coins in a ziplock bag - keeps forever, it's great!)

- splash of water, milk, or coconut water - you choose! (just to get the thick frozen mixture going)

- *optional add in frozen fruit of choice (blueberries pictured above, mangoes, pineapples)

-*optional handful of spinach for a "green smoothie bowl"


Blitz in processor or blender and pause to scrape down the sides if necessary.






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