Designed by Julian Huynh and Au-Vi Tran © 2018-19 for UCSF ASDA. 

Why Wellness?

ASDA’s new Wellness Initiative brings awareness to the importance of staying healthy and happy in both mind and body while going through dental school. Professional school is no easy journey, and it often times can bring about some unhealthy changes and habits in terms of overall well-being (think eating habits, stress, lack of exercise). The goal of #BeWellASDA is to shed light on this topic that is too often overlooked and unspoken of, and make resources for confronting personal wellness obstacles more accessible to students.


What is Wellness?

ASDA’s approach on Wellness does not just refer to simply the physical healthfulness of a person, the most automatic association people make. ASDA’s goal is to bring to the forefront all dimensions of wellness, specifically breaking it down to 5 pillars: Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, and Occupational.

Breaking It Down
  • Meditate

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Set realistic goals and expectations

  • Express anger constructively

  • Laugh freely

  • Talk about your feelings

  • Practice your faith

  • Eat home-cooked meals

  • Avoid fast food

  • Exercise regularly

  • 6 hours of sleep per night

  • Choose stairs over elevator

  • Get check-ups regularly

  • Moderate alcohol intake

  • Read a book

  • Play trivia and board games

  • Visit a museum or art gallery

  • Start a hobby or craft

  • Play an instrument

  • Take a new route home

  • Attend a lecture on a new topic

  • Attend networking events

  • Find or become a mentor

  • Practice proper posture in dentistry

  • Maintain open dialogue with colleagues

  • Pursue volunteer opportunities

  • Turn off the lights

  • Recycle

  • Donate old belongings

  • Take shorter showers

  • Switch to reusable grocery bags

  • Walk or bike

  • Use paperless billing